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PO135: Offshore wind farm inter-array cable monitoring and protection scheme proposal based on passive fibre-optic sensing

Asier Gonzalez, Application Engineer, Lumiker Aplicaciones Tecnologicas


The development and deployment of offshore wind farms with increasing capacity is a challenge for the integration of their generation into the electricity grid. This is due to the unpredictability of the wind and the lower short-circuit current contribution in the event of a fault, among others. In addition, the marine environment poses an added difficulty in terms of interventions related to the operation and maintenance of wind farms. Therefore, it is necessary to develop monitoring and protection systems for the different parts that constitute an offshore wind farm. This work presents a proposal to monitor and protect the inter array cables that connect the wind generators to each other and to the substation. It is based on the measurement of current and temperature using passive and dielectric fibre optic sensors which allow to minimise the number of interventions in the field. To this end, an analysis of the technologies commonly used in the monitoring and protection of offshore wind farms has been carried out beforehand. The schematic proposed, on the one hand, enables the monitoring of the cable under normal working conditions, giving an overview of the health of the cables, a correlation between current and temperature, etc. Moreover, the gathered data can be exploited in order to learn about the cable operation. On the other hand, the protection schematic is based on differential protection and enables the discrimination of the cable section in fault in case of a cable failure. These two functionalities provide the data required for the system operator to optimize the used cable capacity, to prematurely detect anomalies regarding cable temperature and, in the event cable failure, to aisle the part of the wind farm affected by the fault and keep the rest of the generators in operation, maximizing the generation of the wind farm.

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