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We would like to invite you to come and see the posters at our upcoming conference. The posters will showcase a diverse range of research topics, and will give delegates an opportunity to engage with the authors and learn more about their work. Whether you are a seasoned researcher or simply curious about the latest developments in your field, we believe that the posters will offer something of interest to everyone. So please join us at the conference and take advantage of this opportunity to learn and engage with your peers in the academic community. We look forward to seeing you there!

PO089: Shared anchors in floating offshore wind turbines

Jordi Serret, Principal Consultant/Project Manager, Innosea UK Ltd/OWC Spain


The floating wind industry has reached a stage of development where it is imperative to study the behaviour of multi-turbine systems. This study presents a comparative analysis of two layouts, both involving three floating wind turbines: one employs a conventional anchoring layout with one anchor per mooring line, while the other adopts a shared anchor configuration. Additionally, the chosen study location entails significant water depths of 800 and 1300 m respectively. To address this challenge, polyester mooring lines have been considered as their lightweight properties simplify handling and reduce vessel and crane requirements. The systematic approach employed to model the complex stiffness behaviour of such polyester materials is outlined. Furthermore, a cost analysis has been performed to assess the cost benefits of the shared anchor system in different scenarios. The results point towards the feasibility of sharing anchors, which leads to substantial cost reductions. However, it also highlights operational challenges and potential bottlenecks within the supply chain.

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