Posters - WindEurope Annual Event 2024

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Come meet the poster presenters to ask them questions and discuss their work

We would like to invite you to come and see the posters at our upcoming conference. The posters will showcase a diverse range of research topics, and will give delegates an opportunity to engage with the authors and learn more about their work. Whether you are a seasoned researcher or simply curious about the latest developments in your field, we believe that the posters will offer something of interest to everyone. So please join us at the conference and take advantage of this opportunity to learn and engage with your peers in the academic community. We look forward to seeing you there!

PO023: How to widen Wind Turbine Profitability

Sven Kiekbusch, Head of Product Management Digitalisation and Service, Flender GmbH


Digital condition monitoring is an integral part of many wind farms. Winergy's CMaS Evolution goes far beyond this and offers customers a digital all-round service. It is part of Service360 and for the first time fully compatible with already installed hardware. The end-to-end solution offers customers all important services, from the condition of the turbine, to concrete recommendations for action to the delivery of spare parts at the right time and place. As the only manufacturer on the market, Winergy is the expert for complete wind turbine drivetrain systems and combines the system competence of gearboxes, generators, couplings, and digital services under one roof. With CMaS Evolution, Winergy offers a complete holistic service that can be adapted to individual needs. Succeeding the original Moventas CMaS, which was launched back in 2006. The holistic CMaS Evolution service can connect already available hardware without changing the existing infrastructure. In addition, CMaS systems, of which more than 7500 units have already been sold to the market, are monitored online. Thanks to the unique prescriptive maintenance approach, necessary repairs can be planned quickly and carried out directly with suitable spare parts from the manufacturer. As part of the CMaS Evolution service, Winergy ensures that the required spare parts are available at the right time. CMaS Evolution also offers a local contact person in your region.

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