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We would like to invite you to come and see the posters at our upcoming conference. The posters will showcase a diverse range of research topics, and will give delegates an opportunity to engage with the authors and learn more about their work. Whether you are a seasoned researcher or simply curious about the latest developments in your field, we believe that the posters will offer something of interest to everyone. So please join us at the conference and take advantage of this opportunity to learn and engage with your peers in the academic community. We look forward to seeing you there!

PO011: Accelerating the path to first power: Integrated Geo-data for faster offshore wind farm development

Margarita McInnis, Business Development Coordinator, Offshore Wind Americas, Fugro


Across the globe, offshore wind farm developers face the universal challenge of navigating the path to first power. In the US, the offshore wind authorization process is lengthy and complex, involving multiple regulatory approvals. The cornerstone of this process is the approval of the Construction and Operations Plan (COP) by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM), which can take up to two years after submission by the developer. Streamlining required inputs to achieve the COP milestone therefore becomes critical to accelerate development and time to first power. Fugro has pioneered an approach to expedite the generation of the integrated marine site investigation report (MSIR), a key input into the COP that summarizes Geo-data insights from site survey activities. For many developers, it takes two to three years to generate the integrated MSIR, but our approach has reduced that to approximately one year. Fugro has piloted this approach with a project offshore the US East Coast. Fugro implemented a fully integrated program comprising planning, site characterization, and laboratory and reporting activities, all managed and delivered as one comprehensive package. We prioritized data required for the COP by leveraging geophysical survey efficiencies to achieve archeological, cultural, and obstruction clearance for the geotechnical investigation. Additionally, our offshore wind consultants provided the developer with on-demand access to expertise and Geo-data, facilitating real-time collaboration for faster decision-making in the face of regulatory and permitting delays. Due to this innovative approach, this project is on track to the fastest COP submission ever achieved in the US. This achievement showcases how integrated Geo-data, together with value-focused, collaborative work, can create significant efficiencies for accelerated project schedules—a valuable lesson learned for any energy project striving to achieve first power.

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