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Come meet the poster presenters to ask them questions and discuss their work

We would like to invite you to come and see the posters at our upcoming conference. The posters will showcase a diverse range of research topics, and will give delegates an opportunity to engage with the authors and learn more about their work. Whether you are a seasoned researcher or simply curious about the latest developments in your field, we believe that the posters will offer something of interest to everyone. So please join us at the conference and take advantage of this opportunity to learn and engage with your peers in the academic community. We look forward to seeing you there!

PO001: Cyber security essential to wind energy and digital transition

Shaun Reardon, Head of Section - Industrial Systems, DNV


DNV's latest Energy Transition Outlook, an independent model of the world's energy system, forecasts that wind energy will grow tenfold by 2050, boosted by cheaper turbines and improvements in operation and maintenance. The energy transition is accelerating, and we will increasingly see massive deployment of digitally connected operational technology (OT) - the systems that manage, monitor, automate and control industrial operations. Cyber security is an essential enabler of digital transformation and the connected systems of OT and critical infrastructure needed to decarbonize our world. Understanding cyber security risks, therefore, is crucial to the energy transition. With geopolitical tensions rising and the focus on energy security and a sustainable future growing in significance, for companies operating in the wind sector, combating cyber risks must be a consideration at every step to avoid potentially losing control of operations. Tougher cyber security regulation is coming, exposing wind energy companies to compliance failures if they do not strengthen their resilience. DNV's Energy Cyber Priority 2023: Closing the gap between awareness and action report shows energy professionals are increasingly aware of the cyber security risks their organizations face. Investment in cyber security is, however, lagging, with experts warning budgets are still too low to safeguard safety-critical systems. It is crucial that windfarms are cyber resilient throughout their lifespan. The increasing interconnectivity of IT and OT has the potential to leave wind energy operations vulnerable even when a company has put safeguards in place. Fundamentally, this means proactive security by design is crucial to ensure operations are secure from the outset and safeguarding against supply chain vulnerabilities. The Energy Cyber Priority 2023 report explores the state of cyber security in the sector, showcasing the need for wind developers and operators to take the threat of cyber-attacks seriously, in an ever more digitally connected age.

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