Presenters and Speakers - WindEurope Annual Event 2024

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Presenters and Speakers

Mélissa Djarmouni-Vallet

EMEA - Energy Sales Manager, Sentric Safety Group


Mrs. Djarmouni-Vallet currently manages the Sentric EMEA Energy Sales Team, with a particular focus on safety solutions for onshore and offshore projects. She has over ten years of global experience in the energy sector, especially in wind power. She is working closely with Global Wind Power clients to advise them on how to improve the safety of their employees on-site while retrofitting or when building a new Wind Farm. Melissa graduated from the University of St Etienne and the CEFAM. She then started her career as an assistant project Manager for EDF in France. She went on to work for JouleSaver where she was leading several energy efficiency projects. Her latest project has been to design a bespoke safety solution for an offshore wind turbine nacelle, successfully coordinating several stakeholders from the client at global level.


  • Partnering to produce one of the world's largest and safest wind turbines on the market: How the Sentric Safety Group contributed to a complete and globally compliant wind turbine interlocking solution for ultimate on-site safety.
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