Presenters and Speakers - WindEurope Annual Event 2024

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Presenters and Speakers

Mr. Rosen Hristov

Managing Partner at 6AM Fund, former Minister of Energy of Bulgaria (2022-2023)


Rosen Hristov is the former Minister of Energy of Bulgaria (2022-2023). He brings over two decades of expertise in the energy sector to the table. Prior to his government tenure, he navigated through the realms of international energy giants like Enel and Dietsmann, as well as spearheaded initiatives in green technology investment funds. Presently, he has transitioned back to the private sector, channeling his efforts into orchestrating Bulgaria's most ambitious private integrated energy endeavours. This groundbreaking project encompasses wind and solar energy, grid-level storage solutions, hydrogen production, and lays the groundwork for Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) in the future.
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