Presenters and Speakers - WindEurope Annual Event 2024

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Presenters and Speakers

Lars Aagaard

Minister for Climate, Energy and Utilities, Denmark


Lars Aagaard Møller, born 13 August 1967 in Odense, son of pensioner Ejgil Aagaard Jørgensen and pensioner Aase Aagaard Jørgensen. In a relationship with engineer and Strategic Director Charlotte Søndergren. Has the children Neel, born 2001 and Thora, born 2005. Parliamentary career Minister for Climate, Energy and Utilities from 15. December 2022. Education 360 grader (executive network), 360 A/S, Copenhagen, 2020-2022. Studied negotiation, CBS, 2019. Executive board governance, CBS, 2018. MSc Public Administration, RUC, 1987-1994. Upper Secondary School certificate (social science and mathematics), Nordfyns Gymnasium, 1983-1986. Basic school, Kroggårdsskolen, Odense, 1974-1983. Employment Managing director, Green Power Denmark, 2009-2022. Deputy managing director, Green Power Denmark, 2007-2009. Administrative head of department, the Ministry of Business and Industry, 2004-2005. Environment and energy manager, Green Power Denmark, 2004-2007. Consultant and head of planning, Danish Technological Institute, 1995-2000. Business policy consultant, the county of Copenhagen, 1994-1995. Affiliations Member of the advisory board, Department of Economics, the University of Copenhagen, 2021-2022. Member of the Danish Government Digitisation Partnership from 2021. Member of Task Force Klimaneutral (climate neutral) 2030 from 2020. Member of the climate council in Frederiksberg Municipality, 2020-2021. Head of the secretariat of climate partnerships for the energy and utilities sector, 2019. Member of the Danish Environmental Economic Council at the Danish Economic Council, 2015-2022.
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