Presenters and Speakers - WindEurope Annual Event 2024

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Presenters and Speakers

Khalida Suleymanova

Chief Implementation Officer, ARMSA Academy


Khalida Suleymanova brings a wealth of 18 years of experience in allied oil and gas and energy production sectors. As the Chief Implementation Officer at ARMSA Academy, an award-winning Manchester-based management consulting practice specialising in enhancing decision-making capabilities within the wind industry, she leads transformative initiatives. With Bachelor's and Master's degrees in International Relations, Business Finance, and Administration, Khalida's expertise spans diverse domains. She has spearheaded over 10 global transformation and learning projects, while also pioneering the development and launch of the IOSH-approved Managing Safely for Wind Power program. Khalida's passion lies in revolutionising business decision-making, optimising resources, and elevating supply chain performance, resulting in consistently safer outcomes and fostering opportunities for revenue protection and growth. Her research papers on cultures and their impact on work management have garnered recognition in peer-reviewed journals.


  • Leveraging the power of informal networks in high-growth renewable businesses to develop, construct, operate and maintain renewable portfolios at scale, safely, effectively and efficiently.
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