Presenters and Speakers - WindEurope Annual Event 2024

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Presenters and Speakers

Frédéric Gentil

R&D Engineer - Scientific & Technical Advisor, TotalEnergies


Over 28 years of experience within the Oil & Gas industry and Offshore Wind Industry as Structural Engineer, Lead structure, Responsible of R&D Workshop Facilities and Scientific & Technical R&D Advisor Traditional offshore: Process Modules. Jackets flare & decks design. Jetty design. Deep offshore: SLORs-SHR Buoyancy tanks . SLORs-SHR Suction piles. Top&Bottom Assemblies. PLEMs and PLETS. ROV operated hatch-covers Floating offshore: Process Modules. Turret. Loading Arm Naval Architecture: Predesign of hulls. Structural check of cargo barges and installation vessels. Responsible of R&D workshop facilities: Fluid flow, Electromagnetism, HSE, Procurement, Renewables, Cathodic Protection, DirectElectricHeating (DEH) Floating Offshore Wind HEXAFLOAT concept: Co-inventor of the patent named ”Pendulum” Floater of Wind Turbin Technical&Scientific advisor at R&D Wind TotalEnergies. Responsible of wind turbine fixed supports.


  • POSTER AWARD WINNER - Wind Inertia-Driven Excitation Reduction (WIDER): an innovative way to mitigate 3P loads on wind turbines
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