Presenters and Speakers - WindEurope Annual Event 2024

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Presenters and Speakers

José Simón-Donaire

Principal Specialist, DNV


Jose Simón-Donaire is a Principal Specialist at DNV Denmark with 15 years of experience in the wind energy industry. He currently works exclusively as a technical expert on both onshore and offshore projects, specializing in loads, site conditions, and control and protection systems. José holds a MSc. degree in Wind Energy-Mechanical from the Technical University of Denmark from 2009. Alongside his technical work in multi-disciplinary teams, José has worldwide experience with turbine type inspections as well as safety and function tests, and commissioning surveillances at both offshore and onshore sites. In the past year, José was responsible for a large research project at DNV, coordinating the integration of knowledge from over 15 in-house technical experts, which has resulted in the industry standard load and site conditions for wind turbines to be published in 2024.


  • Advancing wind turbine standards: DNV's comprehensive approach for loads and site conditions
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