Presenters and Speakers - WindEurope Annual Event 2024

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Presenters and Speakers

Kangho Kim

MS. Student, Dept. of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Mokpo National University


Kangho Kim is currently a graduate student majoring in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering at the Graduate School of Mokpo National University. He is actively engaged in the fluid dynamics and structural analysis of mooring lines and power cables for floating offshore wind turbines in the wind energy industry. He is currently studying under the supervision of Professor Chunsik Shim at Mokpo National University. Professor Chunsik Shim founded the SURF (Subsea Umbilical cable Riser Flowline) R&D Center at Mokpo National University and, in collaboration with LS Cable, is conducting various analyses and experiments on cables.


  • A Study for the effect on a dynamic power cable influenced by the motion of a floating offshore wind turbine
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