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PO278: Nacelle lidar in complex terrain – what’s the added value?

Julia Gottschall, Chief Scientist, Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy Systems (IWES)


Not only from the IEC 61400-50-3 standard, nacelle lidar have emerged as advantageous measuring instruments for recording the wind conditions in front of a wind turbine in flat terrain. They are particularly suitable for measuring power curves because, on the one hand, there is no need to build a complex and cost-intensive measuring mast and, on the other hand, the measuring instrument always looks into the direction of the incoming wind (at least during normal operation of the turbine). These advantages are particularly relevant for offshore applications, as the cost advantages are especially large here and alternative technologies are most often no longer even considered. But also onshore in complex terrain, the use of met masts or ground-based lidar profilers is associated with various difficulties and alternative approaches to measuring power curves or determining the wind resource for wind farm expansions or similar are definitely of interest. Even though the current version of the IEC 61400-50-3 standard restricts the use to flat terrain, the use of nacelle lidar is quite conceivable and represents such an alternative measurement approach. In this contribution we are going to discuss the related added value as well as possible challenges.

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