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PO238: Rethinking blade inspection: internalization and outsourcing, a synergy rather than a dichotomy

Paul Fontaine, CEO, SkyVisor


It is about time we rethink rotor blade inspection: rotor blade corrective maintenance amounts to 22% of turbine corrective maintenance costs (Wood Mackenzie – A look into global wind O&M trends 2020). Meanwhile, labor and equipment costs are increasing due to high demand from an ever-thriving industry. In consequence, operational costs for service providers are soaring, while turbine operators are in need of O&M (Operations and Management) cost reduction. Continuously relying on external service providers for blade inspection is no viable strategy of redressing our O&M issues: The time and cost-intensive outsourced blade inspections require sophisticated planning and do not allow for frequent monitoring, thus predictive maintenance. Nonetheless, contracting external service providers for blade inspections is still the predominant maintenance strategy, as many operators are reluctant to venture towards in-house inspections. SkyVisor is a digital inspection solution provider, with elaborate insights on the dichotomy and synergies between internalized and outsourced inspections. Throughout this presentation, SkyVisor will introduce the manifold existing inspection strategies, while focusing on the key strategic differences between internalized and outsourced inspections. The delegates will be equipped with the integral proficiency to find a blade inspection strategy fitting their individual needs. Most significantly, SkyVisor will take a step back in order to rethink the rigid concept of internalized and outsourced inspections. A revolutionizing, cost and time-efficient inspection approach will be presented, which meets the needs of our prospering and inherently efficient renewable energy sector of 2022.

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