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PO208: The challenge of repowering from the energy yield assessment point of view

Paul Mazoyer, Ph.D. candidate, Engie


By 2030, a total of wind power installed capacity between 40 GW and 80 GW can be repowered in Europe. Repowering projects come with lower capital investments compared to greenfield projects since a part of the infrastructure can be reused. Still the project profitability must be assessed. Energy yield assessment is a significant contributor with that regards. The estimation of the annual energy production (AEP) for a greenfield project is a two-step process that relies on onsite wind measurements and long-term weather data. For rather simple terrains, the AEP estimation uncertainty ranges between 6.2% to 11%. We present a method that reduces this uncertainty in case of repowered wind farm using the existing wind farm data (at least 20 years). The method has already been presented but little details on its performances were disclosed. The actual presented work focuses on evaluating the uncertainty of this method from a theoretical point of view. Preliminary results show that gain of 2.5 point of uncertainty can reasonably be expected. It needs to be confirmed with onsite data.

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