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PO195: A new innovative IT system for Wind parks in Greece reducing the bureaucracy and regulatory response time

Dionysios Papachristou, Electrical Engineer, Scientific Expert, Head of Press & Public Relations Office, Regulatory Authority for Energy


Greece had already set very ambitious targets via the National Energy and Climate Plan for 2030 with a RES production of about 80% in electroproduction. More specifically the last years in Greece we have a stable legislation framework for RES and both the support mechanism (SA 44666) and the RES auction plan (SA48143, 2018-2020) approved by DG Comp. The very close monitoring of the viability of Special RES Account by RAE and many actions to simplify the licensing procedure for RES Projects completed the institutional framework. All these makes a transparent and safe environment for the investors.In order to achieve these ambitious targets, it is crucial to setup a new innovative, reliable, user friendly and interoperable IT platform for Wind parks in Greece, to reduce the bureaucracy and regulatory response time and increase the transparency in the road of digital transformation of energy sector. The safe and reliable registration using the VAT codes of the Ministry of Economics, the interoperability with other IT platforms (DIAS Interbanking system, Public Authorities Acts open Registry, RES Administrator & Manager of Origins) and the interoperability with all the applicants are some innovate components of the new IT Platform.

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