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PO186: Transforming the manufacturing processes in the Wind Energy Sector by the use of CRANEBOT® system, a flexible robotic crane

Mariola Rodriguez, PROJECT MANAGER, Tecnalia


TECNALIA has developed and patented CRANEBOT, a robotic system integrated in an overhead crane and based on cable robotics, which allows a controlled, precise and safe handling of heavy parts and an automation of operations on large parts, ensuring quality, precision and repeatability. of process. This is because it adds the advantages of both systems: cranes provide reach and load capacity, while cable-driven robots provide control and precision of movements. The CRANEBOT system has been licensed to JASO INDUSTRIAL CRANES. The system is in the commercialization phase and today, its use has been particularized for the automation of the wind turbine blade sanding operation. The objective of the CRANEBOT system is to make a qualitative leap in the handling of loads, of great weight or/and large dimensions, equipping and converting cranes into robotic systems through the industrial application of cable-driven robotics technology, achieving: increase flexibility installation, being able to carry out a greater range of operations with the same equipment without the need to add external tools; allow the automation of operations in large parts, ensuring the quality, precision and repeatability of the process; allow a precise positioning and orientation of the pieces thanks to the total control of the displacements and rotations of the load; improve the precision and repeatability of the process; increase the safety of assembly operations and reduce the cost of the handling and assembly process.

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