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PO154: Optimized Operation of Wind Power Plants using Digital Data

Ulrich Langnickel, Senior Expert Wind Energy and Distributed Generation, VGB PowerTech e.V.


VGB PowerTech e.V. is the international technical association for generation and storage of power and heat. 436 members from 34 countries represent an installed capacity of 303 GW, more than 38 GW of this consist of wind energy. Since 2001 VGB has provided a growing platform for more than 52 owners and operators of wind power plants for sharing experience and knowledge at a high expertise level. More than 130 experts are actively participating in VGB wind energy committees. The primary objective of the companies involved in the wind energy business is to optimize jointly the operation and the maintenance strategies of their wind assets, especially in the context of increased pressure on costs, risk-based and preventive maintenance strategies and increasing flexibility requirements. In order to optimize the operation of the wind power plants, the database "Wind Power Performance Data Exchange - WiPPeX" was established by VGB on the initiative of the Strategic Forum "Wind". The structure of the database allows the performance comparison of different individual wind turbine platforms. Companies providing operational wind power plant data can use the database to evaluate the operational data by their own in order to create their own benchmark. The “Digitalization Barometer for Wind Power Operators” - offered by VGB - allows companies to evaluate their current status of digitalization and their intended target status in digitalization in three years in comparison to the sector average. Thus, the companies can gain a comprehensive insight into their digitalization degree.

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