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PO101: Deployment considerations and cost implications for Lidar use for site diagnostics

John Slater, Senior Consultant, Fichtner Consulting Engineers


This presentation will explore use of lidar systems as a met mast for the diagnosis of operational issues and also deployment aspects to consider for the operational deployment of lidar systems offshore. It will assess the resources needed for short and long measurement campaigns. The discussion will focus on technical and financial justifications for continued monitoring and their use for diagnostics. Historically permanent met masts on operating sites have provided a platform for useful meteorological data for ongoing monitoring of a site and for specific turbine power performance measurements. It is true that the masts are often neglected and in poor state of repair and instrument calibration to the point of often being unsafe to climb and maintain. The lidar system counters a lot of these issues. It is cheaper to install and can be maintained safely on the ground. The issues of instrument degradation are also almost eliminated. The paper will explore the more deployment aspects of the technology. It’s ease of deployment will allow use on sites where the ground conditions preclude installation and also where planning has not been obtained. This is also explored. The author’s experience of early deployment on offshore sites provides background for justifying their use offshore on both fixed and floating foundation offshore sites. The portability of the units both onshore and offshore allow deployment to numerous site locations in order to more widely assess the performance of a number of individual turbines

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