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PO100: FarmConners: paving the way for Wind Farm Control in industry

Gregor Giebel, Head of Section, DTU Wind Energy


The FarmConners project supported the implementation and industrialisation of Wind Farm Control (WFC) as an additional feature for the development and operation of wind power plants. It brought together actors in all relevant fields connected with the market uptake of WFC: research institutes, industry and certification agencies. FarmConners coordinated a reliable assessment of the WFC possibilities, promising more green power from existing and upcoming assets for the price of a software update. WFC technology brings a collaborative approach to wind power plant design and operation, mitigating the losses due to turbine-turbine interaction within the plant. Accordingly, it promises an increase in lower production and a decrease in structural loads while providing better integration of wind power in the grid. Additionally, it enables better revenue management, especially for the upcoming flexible electricity markets, making wind power “market fit”, which in turn decreases the project cost and increases the share of the leading green power source. The FarmConners project closed in February 2022. Many partners are now collaborating in IEA-Wind Task 44 on Farm Flow Control. The presentation gives an overview of the results achieved, such as a benchmark of WFC flow models, a white paper on bankability, a data taxonomy for publicly available datasets, and an estimation of the value of WFC in flexible market scenarios.

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