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PO028: A Financial Algorithm for Computing the Levelized Cost (€/kg; US$/kg) of Producing Green Hydrogen (LCOH); A Quantitative Tool

Michael Stavy, Principal, Michael STAVY, Advisor on Renewable Energy Finance Projects


GreenH2 can be used as a replacement for carbon intense gray H2 as an industrial gas and as a future wind energy storage medium and as an energy carrier to help power a decarbonized European H2 economy There are no green H2 wells.The production of green H2 must be done with a grid scale H2 Electrolyzer (HE). The HE is powered by wind electricity. The H2 is greenbecause it is produced with wind energy. The HE uses the wind energy to separate water (H20) into H2 and O2. I will discuss HE technology, operation and my levelized cost (LC) financial algorithm for computing the LC of producing H2 (LCOH) at a utility scale HE. My algorithm follow the H2 industry convention and uses the €/kgH2 (US$/kg). The LC method meets my two criteria; “back of the envelope” simplicity and an accurate first approximation of the cost to produce green H2. To compute the LCOH, my financial LC algorithm requires nine HE specifications (specs) [independent variables]; two foreign exchange values, the 39.41 kWh/kg conversion factor and 17 dependent variables. I present my model HE base case with its nine HE specs. I will describe the source for each of my model HE spec values. My algorithm computes LC of green H2 and then compares the LCOH with the current cost of gray H2 and the expected cost of blue H2 and pink H2. My algorithm will help bankers, investors and their engineers make rational financial decisions.

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