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PO019: Hybrid transmission to deliver faster, better, cheaper offshore wind

Charles Yates, Managing Director, CmY Consultants Limited


This presentation sets out prospects for the large scale introduction of hybrid transmission to help deliver secure, affordable, green electricity at scale . Hybrid transmission is needed to support market coupling, accelerate offshore windfarm permitting and facilitate the scaling up of floating wind, green hydrogen and Carbon Capture, Use and Storage (CCUS). This will increase domestic energy supply in Europe boost energy security and cut exposure to volatile gas imports. Building hybrid transmission at the scale and pace needed requires improved spatial planning, co-ordination of on and offshore grid, the development of inter-operable and multi-terminal HVDC systems, and digitisation. Often transmission is the most contentious part of an offshore windfarm and has the longest lead time. Developing and constructing transmission has to get faster, better, cheaper.Hybrid transmission contributes to all of these objectives by speeding project development, maximising the utilisation of transmission systems and boosting overall system reliability. A key development is the emergence of Energy Islands which will often be connected to hybrid transmission, are system nodes, provide accommodation and service facilities, house important Health & Safety services and host green hydrogen production plant. The first Energy Island is a challenging €6bn infrastructure investment. The Danish Energy Agency has tendered the construction of this 3GW island with the winning bidder to be annouced in 2023 and plans for expansion to 10GW. This is expected to accelerate offshore wind deployment, encourage investment and optimise the use of the seabed.

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