Presenters and Speakers - WindEurope Annual Event 2022 in Bilbao

Presenters and Speakers

Patxi Berard

Research engineer, ESTIATECH, ESTIA engineer school


Patxi BERARD is a general engineer graduated from the ESTIA engineering school with an option in “automated process management", as well as a second degree, a master of science from Crandfield University, England, in " Digital Signal and Image Processing" (DSIP) where he gets a specialisation in Machine Learning. He is a "study engineer" at the PEPSS (evaluation, prototyping and usage test platform) at ESTIA since 2011, just after his graduation. He is involved in most of the projects realised by the platform. He is particularly in charge of IT (Innovative Technology) developments related to multimodal interactions, he is notably the project manager, as well as the main developer for the ESTIA part, of a scripting application for the management of input / output modal agents developed with Ingenuity I / O and Airbus in the context of a project CORAC financed by the DGAC (Directorate General for Civil Aviation) ( He is also the manager of a “Multimodal Evaluation Platform” (MEP) and an immersive space dedicated to the virtual reality technologies. In this space he actively participates in the development of solutions and the 3D environment, especially designed for motion capture through a Kinect device and the Leap Motion device to capture the hand’s movements for the natural human interactions with 3D models. From 2019 he is the coordinator of a European project named DURABLE funded by Interreg Atlantic Area. In this project he is the main designer of two innovative solutions: one to remotely control a drone/ground robot from a 3D immersive virtual cockpit and the second to naturally interact with a bi-arm robot from the same environment by body motion capture.


  • VICE (Virtual Immersive Cockpit Environment): A versatile virtual cockpit to remotely supervise and control a multi-system of heterogeneous vehicles
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