Technology Partner - Ingeteam - WindEurope Annual Event 2022 in Bilbao

Technology Partner – Ingeteam

Promoting the global transition to clean energy through the development and application of cutting-edge technology

In a world that will get most of its energy needs from renewable sources, we are committed to applying the necessary R&D to the development of competitive and customised products, services and systems for our clients. Continuous improvement and close cooperation with all stakeholders are the only way to make this happen. Let’s all do our part to deliver universally affordable energy, qualified jobs, growing decarbonised economies, and endurable energy infrastructures needed for a sustainable society. Is there a better legacy for future generations?

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Ingeteam is an international technological company specialising in electric power conversion. Our state-of-the-art developments in power and control electronics, rotative electric machines, systems, and O&M services enable us to provide the best solutions in different sectors, always achieving sustainable and efficient energy generation, transmission, distribution and consumption.

In the wind sector, Ingeteam is a complete solution provider for wind OEMs. We design, develop, manufacture and provide a comprehensive range of electrical components for wind turbines, and also O&M services for a complete range of wind turbines, offering a tailored solution to meet every project’s requirements.

The company operates throughout the world and is permanently based in 24 countries, with a headcount of 4,000. R&D is the backbone of our business activity, in which we invest 5% of our turnover annually.

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A tour around our testing facility in Bilbao, Spain

Ingeteam’s global supply chain and local services to support our customers’ global expansion

Provision of O&M services

Find us at these sessions:

Tuesday, 05 April

16:30 - 18:00
Luxua 2 - Level 3
Offshore wind

Wednesday, 06 April

16:15 - 17:45
Auditorium 2 - Level 4
Onshore wind Operations & Maintenance Technology

Thursday, 07 April

14:15 - 15:15
Auditorium 2 - Level 4
Offshore wind

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