Dr.-Ing. Mohamed Sayed

Project Engineer, MesH Engineering GmbH


Mohamed Sayed is currently a Project Engineer at MesH Engineering GmbH. He is working for almost one year at MesH after he finished his Ph.D. at Stuttgart University. During his Ph.D. period, he was investigating the effect of Engineering Models on the aeroelastic response of Multi-Megawatt wind turbines by means of CFD-based aeroelastic models. Mohamed has been working in the field of Wind Energy since 2009. Since 2004, he has been worked as a Teaching Assistant at the faculty of Engineering at different universities in Egypt. Also worked since as numerical analysis and mechanical design engineer in the Research and Development (R&D) department at different national and international companies in Egypt. His research areas of interest are: Wind Energy, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Unsteady Flows Problems, Multi-disciplinary Areas of CFD/Dynamics/Structure Interaction, Fluid/Heat Transfer Multi-physics Problems, Aero-elastic simulation of the wind turbines.
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