Álvaro Pajares

Procurement Director, Ingeteam


After completing his BA (Hons) in Business Administration by Staffordshire University, Álvaro Pajares quickly started his experience within the Supply Chain at IPPF London in 2003; first as “in house” freight forwarder and later assisting the purchasing department. His interest in international trade brought him to China where throughout 2005/6 Álvaro developed his auditing and negotiation skills as an importing agent in the textile industry for Gari Gimeno SL. Back in Spain in 2007, he became Purchasing Manager deputy for Cecauto S.A.; developing suppliers internationally mainly in low cost countries such as China and Turkey. Finally since 2010, Álvaro Pajares is the Procurement Director at Ingeteam Energy in Spain. Achievements to be highlighted are the supply chain development for Ingeteam’s local manufacturing sites in China, USA, Brazil, India and Spain as well as identifying the best global opportunities for the company. He is responsible for implementing SQA tools along with agreements with suppliers to ensure total lowest cost of acquisition.
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