Arkadiusz Sekściński

Acting President of the Management Board, Vice President of the Management Board, PGE EO


Graduate of the Warsaw University, PhD in social sciences Received scholarship from: the Foundation for the Development of the Education System (Bergen, Norway, 2010-2011), Leonardo da Vinci Programme (Brussels, Belgium, 2008), the Minister of Science and Higher Education (2007), Socrates – Erasmus Programme (Athens, Greece, 2006). Professional experience: 2011 – 2016 Director, and subsequently Member of the Management Board of the Polish Wind Energy Association from 2008 Postgraduate student, and subsequently lecturer acting as an associated professor at Security Science Faculty of the Institute of Political Sciences at the Warsaw University 2007 – 2010 a consultant of energy companies Arkadiusz Sekściński has published many research papers and works devoted to the state’s internal security, energy policies of Poland and the EU, as well as the marketing activities of enterprises in relation to public institutions.


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