Peter Spengemann

Director Repowering, WPD


Peter Spengemann joined the wpd group in 2011. Before he worked as manager of the departments site assessment and due diligence in DEWI for several years. During this time Peter was responsible for several hundred energy yield assessments und technical due diligence projects and knows the German wind energy market in detail. Since 2011 and within the wpd group, Peter leads the Repowering department and coordinates all necessary works between operation, planning and financing of the new Repowering Projects, starting from project acquisition and ending with the decommissioning of the old wind farm and the start of operation of the new repowering project. Next to this, Peter is responsible for the technical project evaluation and technical wind farm optimisation for wind farms in operation within the wpd windmanager. Since beginning of 2018 Peter leads the new FGW TR10 council, responsible for the assessment of the site quality of wind farms in operation within the EEG.
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