Dr Juan Ahuir-Torres, PhD

Research Associate, University of Portsmouth


Dr Juan Ignacio Ahuir-Torres is currently working as a Senior Research Associate at the School of Engineering, in University of Portsmouth (Portsmouth, UK). He is presently involved in iWindCr project co-funded by InnovateUK and industrial collaborators, Avanti Communications Plc and Avonwood Development Ltd. The aim of the project is to produce an intelligent real-time corrosion monitoring and detection system network on wind turbines. Dr Ahuir-Torres’s roles are to design the corrosion sensor system and to conduct the electrochemical corrosion testing and validation, in addition to the responsibility in the publications of the project outputs. Prior to joining the University of Portsmouth, he worked at the Corrosion and Protection of Metallic Materials (COPROMAT) group; Department of the Surface Engineering, Corrosion and Durability; Nacional Centre for Metallurgical Research (CENIM-CSIC), in Madrid. He received his Doctorate (PhD) degree from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Sapin) on Texturing Surface on Metallic Materials by Laser) and carried out studies about metallic corrosion. In this position, Dr. Ahuir-Torres took part on the project “Surface Modification of the Titanium Alloy by Microtexturing, Oxidation and Deposited Coating by FBR-CVD from Ministry of Science and Innovation. Dr Ahuir-Torres has published in international science and technology journals such as Surface and Coating Technology and Optics and Laser in Engineering. He has also participated in National Congress of Materials in Spain.
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