Sofia Caires

Specialist/Expert Advisor, Deltares


Dr. Sofia Caires is an expert advisor/researcher with more than 25 years of work experience. Her main expertise fields are wave and wind modelling and metocean data analysis, validation and assimilation. She has a degree in Naval Engineering, a M.Sc. in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, and a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics. She worked for the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute and was in charge of validating, analysing and disseminating wave and wind climate data. Later she changed her focus to the modelling of future climate, working on statistical downscaling and uncertainty analyses of wave climate projections for Environment Canada. She later joined Deltares and has in the last 13 years worked in many metocean projects aiming at the determination of the mean and extreme wind, wave, water level and flow conditions, including eventual effects of climate change and variability in these variables.
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