Dr. Saed Ehsani

Senio Expert in Product and Systems, Nordex AWP


Dr. Saed Ehsani has been working in wind industry since 2010. He has a BSc in Mechanical Eng., MSc in Mechatronics Eng. and successfully finished with a PhD in Control & Robotics engineering in 1998 from Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal. His theses contribution has been modeling of a human driver for autonomous driving, using GPS location and pulse-base geometrical error correction instead of time-base. He then moved to work for Ford (1999-2006) developing control systems for Hybrid Fuel Cell and Active Safety. Between 2006-2009 he joined Daimler developing controller for Dual-Mode Hybrid M-class SUV in a joint venture with BMW and GM. Through these 10 years of automotive world, he adopted "Systems Engineering in PLM" as expertise to build his career path and moved to help maturing engineering in Vestas in 2010. He has granted 5 patents in safety control algorithm, wind farm control, and blade pre-failure detection. All algorithms have one thing in common with Systems Engineering: "providing a mean of managing complexity in a MIMO system."
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