Martin Strack

Manager Site and Energy Assessment, Deutsche WindGuard Consulting GmbH


Mr. Strack is responsible at Deutsche WindGuard Consulting GmbH for the Site and Energy Yield department, concerning related commercial and R&D activities. Prior to this he held the same position for several years at the German Wind Energy Institute (DEWI). Mr. Strack is member of the IEC 61400-15 committee on Assessment of Wind Resource, Energy Yield and Site Suitability, and the coordinator of the MEASNET Site Assessment expert group. Mr. Strack was has long experience and several GW track record in analysis of operational data for onshore and offshore wind farms, for the purpose of assessing long term energy yield, performance, losses and optimization potential. He contributed his experience to committee work in Germany, where the feed-in law requires the quantification of specific energy yield losses, and headed the working group defining quantification methodology for energy yield losses based on SCADA data (FGW TR 10).
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