Professor Klaus Eisele

University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Northwestern Switzerland


Mr. Klaus Eisele has been working for more than 30 years in the field of fluid dynamics. He studied at University of Karlsruhe Mechanical engineering and finished with the diploma. His diploma thesis dealt with the calibration of a laser particle analyzer at the Institut of Prof. S. Wittig. After 5 Years research at the university of Hannover in the field of ship propulsion, he continued at the fluid dynamics laboratory of Sulzer in Switzerland. There he made significant contributions to the laser anemometry in industrial research. After 15 years he left Sulzer as head of the department “Experimental fluid mechanics”. Lateron Mr. Eisele was engaged as consultant to the Swiss industry for fluid mechanics. From 2011, Mr. Eisele was responsible at the FHNW for the student projects in the study program “Energy and Environmental Engineering”. Since 2018 he is working as a consultant for the degree program.
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