Giles Hundleby

Director, BVG Associates


Giles Hundleby, Director at BVG Associates has over nearly 30 years of design and development experience with engineering consultancy, Ricardo. A chartered Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Giles has an engineering degree from Oxford University and an MBA from Henley Business School. Giles combines deep technical, engineering design and international market knowledge to make a difference to customers across the renewable energy industry. Giles leads on product development process, testing, validation, reliability engineering, innovation development, commercialisation, technology strategy and levelised cost of energy (LCOE) impacts. He has led projects looking at the impact of industrialisation on LCOE over the long-term, the potential for new technologies to open new markets and reduce LCOE, the potential for re-powering as an LCOE reduction strategy, and the long-term potential of new offshore wind deployment given likely LCOE projections.
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