Prof. Dr. Esteban Broitman

Senior Scientist, SKF


Dr. Esteban Broitman received his Physics Ph.D. from the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina), and later continued his research and teaching at Carnegie Mellon University (USA), and Linköping University (Sweden). Presently his is a Senior Scientist at the SKF Research & Technology Development Center, in the Netherlands. His research aims towards studying, improving and/or developing nanomaterials, coatings, smart surfaces structures, etc., with enhanced mechanical and tribological properties. He is especially world-wide known for his research on carbon-based films and for developing novel microtribological and piezoelectric characterization methods. He has published more than 160 papers in scientific peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings with over 2500 citations, wrote many chapters in specialized scientific books, and presented numerous oral invited contributions in conferences.
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