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Delivering >14 MW offshore turbines by 2023: can we do it?

Turbine Technology (on- and offshore)

When: Tuesday, 28 November 2017, 16:30 - 17:45
Where: Emerald

Session description

Markets are evolving fast and market prices are falling as offshore wind technology develops. In Europe, almost everyone plans with the biggest possible turbines. Wind turbine sizes of 14 MW and more seem possible in the very near future, but how do we get there and are we on track? This session presents the latest scientific results and technical innovations - not necessarily all in terms of turbine size - and invites the audience to discuss the future of offshore wind technology.

Learning objectives

  1. Realize the current state of offshore wind technology
  2. Obtain insights into the user perspective - what are the expectations of a major utility regarding future offshore turbines?
  3. Evaluate the latest technical innovations implemented in offshore projects and the experiences gained with them
  4. Recognize the academic perspective - what has been gained in two major European research projects and how will it benefit the industry?

Session chairs

Anand Natarajan
Senior Scientist, DTU Wind Energy

Michael Liesner
Senior Manager Public Affairs, EnBW


Introductory remarks

Michael Liesner
Senior Manager Public Affairs, EnBW


How to make the most powerful wind turbine even more competitive

Henrik Bæk Jørgensen
Chief Project Manager, Head of Product Management, MHi Vestas Offshore Wind

Wind turbine blades for multi-MW offshore wind turbines

John Korsgaard
Director, LM Wind Power

Implementing Innovations on Demonstration project and Benefits for Next Generation Turbines

Mark Reinders
Siemens Gamesa

New conceptual designs for 10 MW – 20 MW offshore wind turbines: insights from the INNWIND.EU and Avatar projects

Takis Chaviarapoulos
Senior Research Associate, National Technical University of Athens

Event Ambassadors