"Local impact, global leadership"


Takis Chaviarapoulos

Senior Research Associate, National Technical University of Athens, Greece


Mechanical Engineer with a PhD degree (NTUA 1987). Senior Research Associate at NTUA. Managing Director of iWIND Renewables P.C. Thirty five year experience in European and National R&D projects. Participation in more than 40 research programs (co-ordinator of six of them). Last twenty five years working in the fields of horizontal axis wind turbines aerodynamics, aeroelasticity and complex terrain wind field modelling. More than 100 Journal and peer reviewed Conference publications, co-editor of two books on optimum aerodynamic design. President of European Academy for Wind Energy www.eawe.eu (2006-2007). Vice-Chairman of the European Wind Energy Technology Platform (2007-2012). EAWE Scientific Award 2010.

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