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Wind and the electrification of transport

Sector coupling / wind supporting the transition in other sectors

When: Thursday, 30 November 2017, 11:30 - 12:45
Where: G107

Session description

The electrification and decarbonisation of transport is an essential part of the energy transition and will help sustain demand for clean power. This session will consider the role wind energy can play in this. Industry experts from both the transport and renewable sectors will discuss the opportunities and challenges of decarbonizing the transport.

Learning objectives

  1. Learn about the opportunities and challenges of decarbonizing the transport sector
  2. Explore the driving forces behind e-mobility and how to remove road-blockers to enable mass adoption
  3. Understand the opportunities for wind and renewable to support the decarbonisation of transport

Session chair

Adrian Timbus
Technology and Solutions Manager, ABB

Panel discussion

Julia Hildermeier
Clean Vehicles and E-mobility Officer , Transport & Environment

Victor Charbonnier
Public Affairs Advisor - Grids and Power Markets , WindEurope

Michiel Langezaal
CEO, Fastned

Cécile Sobole
Programme Manager, Electric Vehicles Business, Renault

Event Ambassadors