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Using data to optimise performance

Supply chain, logistics and O&M on land and at sea

When: Thursday, 30 November 2017, 11:30 - 12:45
Where: G105

Session description

To maximise the revenue of your wind farm, it is important to monitor the performance of your asset. This session will look at techniques for monitoring wind turbines including the analysis of both high frequency and low frequency SCADA data, the monitoring of foundations and how to ensure optimum aerodynamic performance through pitch alignment correction.

Learning objectives

  1. Describe a case study for how conventional SCADA data can be used for health monitoring
  2. Demonstrate the benefits of high frequency SCADA for the condition monitoring of wind turbines
  3. Present a new technique for the analysis of turbine foundation integrity
  4. Show the benefits of a technique for detecting and correcting pitch misalignment

Session chair

Guy Auger
CEO, Greensolver


Development of a Technique for Inspecting the Foundations of Offshore Wind Turbines

Colin Brett
Technical Head, Inspection Management, Uniper Technologies Ltd.

New methodology for correction of pitch angle misalignment

Igor Egana
CEO, Maxwind

Use of high-frequency SCADA data for improved wind turbine performance monitoring

Elena Gonzalez
PhD candidate, CIRCE

Using Wind Turbine SCADA Data for Condition Monitoring and Prognostics: Case Study and Results

Kevin Leahy
University College Cork

Event Ambassadors