Are you chairing a session? - WindEurope Annual Event 2022 in Bilbao

Are you chairing a session?

What is expected of you before the event?

As a session chair, you are expected to take ownership of your assigned session and act as the focal point for the session speakers.

1. Deadlines

2. Session preparation and content review

A session is built using submitted abstracts (Tech & scientific programme) or by inviting speakers (General programme). For some sessions, usually in the General programme, PowerPoint presentations may not be required. Session chairs should agree on this before contacting the speakers.

Session chairs should:

3. Set up a session prep call as early as possible with or without WE’s assistance:

What is your role during the event?

1. Run your session briefing(s),

The briefing is mandatory for all speakers and chairs to attend, it starts 30’ before the session in the speaker room:

After the briefing, the conference team will escort you to the session room.

2. Absent speakers

3. During the session

The AV team launches all presentations from a central server, so no change will be possible once in the session room. Assistance is available in all rooms (one hostess and an AV technician) to address any technical questions.

Event Ambassadors

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