Sessions - WindEurope Annual Event 2022 in Bilbao


Technology for mitigating and ensuring positive biodiversity impacts

When: Wednesday, 6 April 2022, 16:15 - 17:15
Where: WindTalks Stage - Hall 1

Session description

The wind industry is expanding, and we need to continue our focus on protecting the biodiversity. During this session we’ll cover some of the technologies the industry has developed for mitigating and ensuring biodiversity and ecosystems are taken into account.

Session chair

Alexander Vandenberghe

Sustainability Manager, WindEurope


Technology for environmental mitigation and monitoring

Hywel Roberts


Assessing positive and negative ecological impacts of offshore wind farms: a systematic review to support the development of maritime spatial planning decision support tools (VAMEP Tool) for site selection and strategic environmental assessments of new projects

Ibon Galparsoro


nvbird, the Innovative solution to maximize Bird Protection and Wind Turbine operating time

Tassos Alefantos


OCEaN – A Pact between (Wind) Energy and Nature in European Seas

Cristina Simioli

Renewables Grid Initiative

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