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PO289: Mutual influence of wind power plants on the production losses due to the wake effect, case study South Banat region - Serbia

Katarina Obradović, MSc student, University of Belgrade - School of Electrical Engineering


South Banat District is recognized as one of the regions with the greatest prerequisite for the wind power plant (WPP) projects in Serbia. This region is characterized by very flat terrain with homogeneous roughness. In this area, four wind farms have already been built, while around ten other large-scale projects are in the development phase. Due to their small mutual distance, the wake effect becomes prevalent causing significant annual electricity production (AEP) reduction of each WPP compared to the case when there are no other WPPs around. In case of too small distances, there is a possibility of dangerous mechanical stresses upon wind turbine (WT) because of the increased air turbulence in the near wake. Two WPPs planned for one region are expected to have similar wind parameters, thus their economic indicators are expected to be alike. However, owning to unsymmetrical mutual influence caused by wake effect, WPP that is in the wake of wind from dominant direction would have lower financial gain. Mutual wake effects of the WPPs in the southern Banat have been analyzed and assessments of the corresponding declines are given. Share of influence on production of each WPP on neighboring ones due to wake effect is determined. Modeling analyzed group of WPPs as one obstacle with defined porosity is examined. Generated results can be of the great importance to potential investors since the consequences that wake effect has on AEP are studied. Moreover, power system operators can utilize them for more precise day-ahead production forecast.

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