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PO287: Modeling of wind turbines in a cosimulation environment between a computational fluid dynamics and a computational flexible mechanisms codes

Paul A. Bonnet, FEA Solver Development – Aero-hydro-servo-elasticity, Siemens


A cosimulation environment between a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) code and a Computational Flexible Mechanisms (CFM) code was developed to be applied for the detailed modelling of Wind Turbines. Two commercial codes were used: StarCCM+ for the CFD domain and Samcef-Mecano for the description of the flexible mechanism. The model takes into account several important aspects: * blades flexibility, essential to be considered in large wind turbines * free rotor rotation, obtained from equilibrium between wind pressure and resistant torque * interaction between blades and tower, leading to blades vibrations * wind turbine controller acting on blades pitching and on rotor resistant torque. Programming was made in a parallel computation environment. Examples of application on large wind turbines have been performed, both in the contexts of constant and turbulent wind. Results were compared with results of the bibliography

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