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PO277: Optimization of measurement strategies for wind resource assessment with multi-lidar using an optimization tool

Tabea Hildebrand, Research associate, Fraunhofer Institut for Energy Economics and Energy System Technology (IEE)


The motivation to quantify uncertainties of multi-lidar setups for wind measurement is to mitigate the barriers for their use in wind energy applications. Rapid development in the wind energy sector in the past, among other things, enabled the construction of taller wind turbines, requiring measurements at higher altitudes for resource assessment and power performance testing. It is clear that there is a need for measurements of wind at higher altitudes (above 150 m). In this situation installation of a meteorological mast is costly. The use of multi‑lidar wind measurements is a viable option but widespread use requires greater knowledge about the uncertainty of measurement. As part of the three-year MILIA project (Technical development of multi‑lidar measurement campaigns for resource assessment and performance verification), we enhanced the tool developed in the predecessor project LiMeS that was designed to optimize profiling lidar measurement strategies. The upgraded tool is able to analyze the uncertainty of a multi-lidar setup. It is now possible to optimize a measurement campaign with the algorithm analyzing the use of meteorological mast, profiling lidar and multiple scanning lidars. Based on the results of the uncertainty calculation the measurement points are optimized and the tool suggests the measurement device type, its locations, measurement points and duration with the lowest uncertainty. In addition, an implemented model provides the cost for the measurement campaign to enable a holistic analysis. If it is a multi-lidar campaign, the best combination of possible device locations is determined.

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