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PO276: Spider - Fast and reliable Ultrasonic Inspection System for rotor blades

Pawel Leśniewski, Wind Energy Manager – Europe. Head of TEATEC (Testing and Automation Technology) UT Level 3 DIN EN 4179, MISTRAS Group


Non-destructive testing of critical parts during operation is key to ensuring high quality standards. It plays a crucial role in ensuring that structural components and systems perform their function reliably and cost-effectively. Some composite parts such as rotor blades contain numerous stress-concentrating geometries, such as the root section with blade inserts, the main beam or the bonding. Non-destructive ultrasonic testing using Spider system of a complex structure is critical because undetected material separations, can lead to costly rotor blade failure. This fast and reliable examination allows parts to be assessed without damaging them. Because inspection can be performed in service, fast and automated without affecting the material, it represents a compromise between the use of advanced measuring technology and low costs for the Customer. MISTRAS solutions are based on more than 10 years of experience in NDT of rotor blades and their components. We focus on the fusion of technology, design and functional capabilities to create our product line. As a full-service provider, we offer solutions in NDT equipment, automated scanners and evaluation software for ultrasonic data.

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