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PO271: Study on Turbulence Measurement using Nacelle Mounted Lidar

Robin Cote, Product Manager - WindCube Nacelle, Leosph


Nacelle-Mounted Lidar (NML) is a natural and cost-efficient solution for performance evaluation of wind turbine, thanks to the accurate wind measurement and easy deployment. Nowadays, NML is widely accepted and recognized by wind turbine manufactures, certification society and wind farm operators. Turbulence is a key parameter for the wind energy industry, turbulence measurements are critical for the safety of wind turbine and are becoming increasingly important for turbine Power Performance Testing. There is a clear need for detailed turbulence comparison measured by NML and by cup anemometers mounted on met mast to better understand the measurements from the two types of devices. In this study, a pulsed lidar, WindCube Nacelle is used for the evaluation and two approaches for comparison are used: LOS TI comparison and reconstructed TI comparison. Two parameters have been evaluated: Turbulence Intensity (TI) and Turbulent Kinetic Energy (TKE). The comparison results are very promising. The comparison of LOS TI from the two type of devices shows: 1) coefficient of determination of TI is higher than 0.8656; 2) coefficient of determination of TKE is higher than 0.966; 3) bin-averaged results show even better results. The comparison of reconstructed TI shows: 1) for 10 minute-averaged data, the correlation coefficient of TI is 0.7277 with a slope of 0.9303 and 2) for bin-averaged result, the correlation coefficient is 0.9931. This study provides very promising results that Nacelle-Mounted Lidar can be accurate measurement tools for turbulence measurements. The study is still on going and more results will be presented later.

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