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PO265: Wind Lidar Performance Verification Repeatability Study. Verifications against an IEC compliant met mast over a 4-year period proves factory calibration consistency and repeatability.

Robert Mate-Toth, Wind Lidar Technical Support Analyst, ZX Lidars


The presentation summarizes the results of nearly 500 ZX300, ground-based vertically-profiling lidar units’ performance verifications. The verifications were performed at the UK Remote Sensing Test Site (UK RSTS) between 2017 and 2021. The systems were subject to verification (in line with IEC 61400-12-1) having successfully passed the internal quality control and factory calibration procedures that apply to both new and recently serviced lidars. No other changes to the calibration parameters were made – this represents a true verification rather than any post-calibration process. During verification at the UK RSTS all units’ performance was measured against an IEC compliant met mast at 20, 45, 70 and 91 m above ground level. The mast is approved for use by technical and engineering services provider DNV. Horizontal wind speeds, directions and turbulence intensity comparisons were carried out for complete client-ready units. The study evaluates the performance of units that leave the production facility having undergone standard calibration and assesses the possibility of removing the met mast from this process in the future. This would give confidence to all stakeholders in the wind industry that the units leaving the factory operate at the highest standards and would allow performance verification against masts to be removed from the sign-off procedure.

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