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PO264: Pre-campaign tools for use of lidars in wind resource assessment

Elvira Aliverdieva, Product & Offering Coordinator, Vaisala


We present a set of tools and methods to optimize the preparation of a Wind Resource Assessment campaign using a Remote Sensing Device. Remote Sensing Devices and especially lidars have gained acceptance as accurate wind measurement sensors, so it is essential to carefully prepare the assessment campaign and make sure it meets all the criteria for a bankable project. The paper focuses on the assessment of two main measurement specificities of lidars: data availability sensitivity to local aerosol content, and the impact of terrain complexity on the accuracy of measured wind speed. As a campaign’s success highly depends on data availability and wind flow understanding, it is essential to estimate these outputs ahead of launching the campaign to set expectations for the campaign. Our Data Availability and Range Estimator and Complex Terrain Estimator are two tools dedicated to Wind Resource Assessment preparation that can significantly help a campaign manager to better plan their installations.

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