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PO263: Development of an open source framework for lidar data correction in complex terrain

Moritz Gräfe, Uptime Engineering


Digitalization offers great opportunities for standardized measurement data processing and evaluation. This also requires standardized data formats. For Lidar data, the Lidaco format ( was defined within the IEA Wind Task 32. Further efforts towards the digitalization of wind measurement data are being made within the framework of IEA Wind Task 43. In addition, there are already some approaches to provide open source software, e.g. NREL's OpenOA ( for processing wind turbine time series or brightwind ( for analysing wind measurement data for wind resource assessment. For lidar measurements in complex terrain, there is no open source software available. Currently there are some commercial or in-house correction methods available for the post-processing of lidar measurement data in complex terrain. However, there are currently no comparative studies regarding the uncertainty as well as the computational effort for the different methods. These open aspects are addressed in the research project “Lidar data correction for sites in complex terrain (LoTar)”. Within this research project an open source framework will be developed for standardized and efficient processing and correction of lidar data in complex terrain. This framework is designed to have a modularized basic structure. As a first step, it is planned that the framework will include a module for lidar error estimation and turbulence correction. In addition, the framework will provide interfaces with which further modules for data analysis and data processing can be integrated into the framework.

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