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PO260: Power curve from different suppliers. Results from inner range and other findings

Marta Juaniz Zurbano, Wind Resource Analyst, ENEL


Currently, Wind Farm (WF) developers are focusing on bearing out the fact that there is a minimum deviation between estimated and measured energy production. One way to prove this is by carrying out a Power Curve Test (PCT). This measurement is usually based on IEC Standard 61400-12-1. By means of this standard the verification process of the sales power curve is defined. For years now, extra filtering conditions in addition to the specified in the standard, are considered. Those added filtering ranges exclude data points from the envelope of climatic conditions. The power curve performance is now divided depending on this envelope and new concepts pop up into the industry: The Inner Range is defined as the data inside the so-call guaranteed envelope and the data outside are known as the Outer Range. The results of the Power Curve Test allow the WF developer to understand under which ambient conditions does the WTG have a lower performance and, with the support of the Turbine Supplier, what corrective actions to take, in order to reduce the deviation from the warranted curve. In addition, to be as accurate as possible during the wind resource assessment, the wind farm developers should consider other variables than just the past PCT results during the design phase. Those other variables are the climatic conditions that define the Inner and Outer range for each wind farm, the maturity of the WTG model (based for example in the obtention of the Type Certificate), industry evolution …

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